(Dis)connecting water & electricity

New connection
We understand how important it is that you have water and power at your disposal. When building a new home or acquiring a building or site that does not have a water connection or power installed, you must apply for a new connection.  Please complete and sign the appropriate application form available at Aqualectra Service Centers.
Use info of the new connection folder in English (info or submit your request).
Before you submit an application for a new power connection, it is critical that your electric installation be done by a certified electrician. A list of certified electricians in Curaçao is available at our Service Centers.


Existing connection
If your new home has a water connection and an electric installation, submit an application to start service in your name.  If the connection is still in the name of the previous occupant, that connection will have to be disconnected before we can start service in your name. Due to legal procedures it is very important that the new connection is in your name.
We recommend you and the previous occupant come to Aqualectra together.  Bring the meter number and meter reading so the termination form and new application form can be submitted simultaneously; this will save time and prevent service disruption.  The next bill to that address will be in your name.

If the existing connection has been disconnected, you can expect connection within five working days of paying the deposit. You will receive your first bill at home within 1-2 months.  Please advise on the application form where you can be reached during business hours (address, telephone number, cellular number, etc.).

Aqualectra has a separate folder containing detailed information on steps a customer must take to start service in your name.

Upgrading or relocating your installation
If you wish to increase your electric installation (if you plan to expand your house or need several 220-volt connections), a certified electrician will have to handle the installation. A list of certified electricians in Curaçao is available at Aqualectra’s Information Desk.  Follow the same procedure as in the case of an application for a new electric connection. Aqualectra will send a letter detailing costs associated with the upgrade (deposit amount plus costs associated with the increase).
If you want to relocate your installation (to a niche at the plot line, for example), you must submit the following papers at one of our information desks:

  • “Application for relocation of installation” completed and signed (available at all Service Centers);
  • An installation draft (map of the plot on which you indicate present installation and where you want to have the installation relocated). 

For more information check the folder of  existing connection.

For more information about the connection rates chek the basic connection cost.

Disconnecting your water and electricity
If you plan to move, the existing water and power connection in your name should be disconnected.  Steps to disconnect service are detailed in our folder on disconnection.

If you move to another house in Curaçao, we recommend you first submit application at Aqualectra for connection at the new address and then submit application for disconnection at the old address. This way, you avoid being without water and power at either location. Please note the meter number and meter readings at both locations.
If you have questions related to new or existing water or power connections, or disconnecting your service, please call our Technical and Commercial Department during business hours at 463-2274 and 463-2305.

For more information check the folder of
disconnecting water and electricity

When does Aqualectra disconnect?
Overdue bills will result in disconnection of your water and power service.  To prevent disconnection, pay your outstanding balance by the date due.  Nonpayment by the due on your bill means you are in default: we can disconnect without further notice according to Article 21, paragraph 6 of the General Terms and Conditions. 

Aqualectra utilizes contractors for disconnect/reconnect work. The contractor will present Aqualectra ID, disconnect, seal your installation, and leave a disconnection card indicating the amount owed Aqualectra including call-out charges.  Please bring the disconnection card to the Service Center when you come to pay your outstanding balance. 

Customers disconnected for non-payment will be reconnected when the overdue debt has been settled.  Pay your outstanding balance at the Service Center at Santa Rosa, Santa Maria, Barber and Rif. The Cash Desks of the Service Center at Otrobanda are open longer: Monday through Friday from 8:00 until 18:00.  Costs for reconnection will be at your expense.  Aqualectra is not liable for damage resulting from disconnection.

If you pay your bill on the day you were disconnected, you will be reconnected same day. Aqualectra reconnects afternoons and evenings from 16:00 until 22:00.
Call 463-2328 and 463-2329 during business hours (8:00 – 16:30) if you have questions related to a disconnection.

Download the folder on the application for a
new connection for water and electricity.

Download the folder on the application for
existing connection.

Download the folder on
disconnecting your water and electricity connection.