Excavation work

Excavation work is carried out for various reasons and by various agencies and persons. It regularly happens that during the excavation work a cable or pipe of Aqualectra is damaged. This causes an interruption in the supply of water or electricity for possibly a large number of consumers and not only leads to inconvenience and irritation with the consumers, but also to unnecessary costs for the repair of the cable or pipe. It is, therefore, very important that you do all that is possible to prevent any damage to cables and pipes before initiating the excavation work.

Especially for those who want to want to carry out excavation work, Aqualectra has composed a folder in which the official guidelines of Aqualectra are described for excavating in the vicinity of cables and pipes.

In this folder, there is also a description of what Aqualectra can offer you, if you are going to do any excavation. Aqualectra, for that matter, possesses detailed drawings of all its distribution cables and pipes. You can apply, against payment, for the necessary drawings. In addition, we can also mark out the course of cables and/or pipes for you. If the marked cables and/or pipes are not found at the spot in question, our cable experts can be deployed to trace the cables and/or pipes in question. For these activities, we will charge you an hourly rate.

Where can you apply?
For information on excavation work and applying for drawings and other services of Aqualectra, you can apply to our Department for Registration of Distribution Means at telephone number 463-2309. This department is in the Aqualectra building at Maduro Plaza (Dokweg).

You can also download the folder on
excavation work.