General safety tips

Read the safety tips below and share them with family and friends.
  • Never touch a power line -- even one that is on the ground. Consider all downed wires live or hot (charged with electric current). If you see a downed power line, call Aqualectra’s 24-hour 0800-0135 number immediately.
  • If you live in an area with underground power lines, find out where lines are located before you dig. Call 4632309 or download the folder onExcavation Work for important information. 
  • Replace or repair electric appliances that are broken or have damaged wires or insulation. Damaged equipment or wires can deliver a powerful shock when touched. Review our  Indoor Safety for more tips. 
  • Keep your main electrical fuse box or any transformer station (Aqualectra property) accessible at all times. Our employees may need to get to it quickly and safely to complete a job. This is especially true during an emergency. Do not try to repair Aqualectra equipment yourself. 
  • Sealed Aqualectra installations must remain sealed. Sealed installations guarantee your safety and the integrity of your installation.
  • Before allowing a utility employee into your home or business, ask to see an Employee Identification card. Aqualectra employees are required to carry picture identification cards at all times.
  • Aqualectra services performed during an emergency are free of charge. If Aqualectra is required to show up at your premises and the fault is in your installation, you may be charged. In this case, the charge will appear as an additional charge on your bill.

If you see people stealing water, electricity or electricity copper wires please call0800-0135 (free of charge).  Copper wires are used to ground distribution/pole transformers (carry excess voltage to the ground). Removing ground wires puts households connected to that transformer in danger of electric shock or equipment damage.