Interruptions at your premises

Report problems or interruptions (power and water) 24 hours/day by calling the Complaints Department: 0800-0135 (free of charge).
If the interruption is related to disconnection for non-payment, we will advise you procedures for reconnecting your service.  If the interruption is due to maintenance work, we will advise you when you can expect the normal resumption of water or power.  In all other cases, our Trouble-Shooting Service will investigate the source of and solution to the interruption.  A work party will be dispatched if the Trouble-Shooting Service cannot determine the cause and remedy the interruption.

Voltage issues
Voltage complaints will be passed to our Trouble-Shooting Service which can measure and evaluate voltage issues immediately. Our Complaints Department will relay voltage inquiries to the team that monitors voltage quality on the grid; that team may decide to do a more extensive (24-hour) test. If the complaint cannot be resolved within six months, a regulable voltage transformer may be installed and later removed when the cause has been remedied.