WATER SUPPLY MAINTENANCE on March 21th. and 124th. 2017

Affected areas:

*Sta. Maria, Paradijs, Grinoli, Gora, Blomonte.
Juan Hatoweg from  Argentinaweg till Franklin D Rooseveltweg (in front of Alves Supermarket), Costa Ricaweg, Guatemalaweg, Boliviaweg, Mexicoweg, Hondurasweg, Floridaweg, Amerikaweg, Uruguayweg, Ecuadorweg, Chileweg, Peruweg, Grinoli, Paradijs, Argentinaweg, Colombiaweg, Yucatanweg, Kansasweg, Demeraraweg, Kentuckyweg, Vuurlandweg, Venezuelaweg, Blomonteweg, Marie Galanteweg, The Bottomweg, Franklin D. Rooseveltweg (the west side) from Argentinaweg till Palu Blancu.
Tuesday march 21th. 2017
From 09.00 A.M.  till  2.00 P.M.     

*Piscadera, Veeris.
Piscadera, from the go around at Parasasa till  Piscadera bay and surroundings, part of Veeris
in the area of Edisonstraat and surroundings.
Friday march 24th. 2017
For di 11.00 P.M.  till 06.00 A.M.

During and after the work, there might be some temporary inconvenience with Brown water.
We will do our utmost to terminate the work within the stipulated time in order to minimize any inconvenience.|
We hereby apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

For more information, please call us at telephone number 462-5968, Communication Department;

For Interruptions, call us at 0800-0135.


 “Be aware of your water and energy consumption”.