Power interruption

Power interruptions
Power interruption is a consequence of a problem in the production or distribution system. Inadvertent power outages in the distribution system occur for a number of reasons: heavy storms, contractor work in the neighborhood, voltage problems within your household, a broken cable.  We work with contractors before excavation to ensure they know the location of underground power cables. Our Technical Department completes regular inspections at substations to mitigate power interruptions and voltage fluctuations.

Power interruption in the production system is the result of insufficient capacity to meet the electricity demand. This is the result of technical problems in the production system.

Switching program
Aqualectra uses a switching program to ensure that critical functions continue if a power interruption means there is insufficient capacity to provide the entire island with electricity. During business hours, priority is given to industrial and commercial customers. During evening hours, priority is given to residential customers. We advise customers in the event of a major interruption via newspapers and radio.