Safety tips for seniors

Avoid electric hazards in your home by following these easy tips: 

Electric cords & outlets

  • Move electric cords away from foot traffic areas to prevent falls.
  • Replace damaged or frayed cords to avoid fires.  
  • Make sure electric outlets and switches have cover plates to avoid electric shock.


  • Be sure light bulbs are of the correct type and wattage (if you do not know the correct wattage, use a 60-watt (energy saving bulb or lower).  
  • Replace a halogen touchier floor lamp with one that uses energy-efficient bulbs. Halogen models burn at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can cause a fire if they come in contact with flammable materials.  
  • Make sure that you can easily reach a light switch or lamp from your bed for nighttime safety.  
  • Be sure your garage, storage areas, and stairs are well-lit to prevent falls.
  • Have a battery-operated flashlight readily available at all times.

Small appliances

  • Unplug small appliances when not in use.  
  • Never reach into water to retrieve an appliance that has fallen in.  Unplug the appliance first.