Water & electricity supply

Aqualectra aims at a continuous supply of electricity and water of a high quality. Still, it can happen that you will be troubled by a failure in your house or in your street or neighborhood. 
  • Electricity failures
  • Water failures
  • A failure in your house
    Electricity failures
    In connection with electricity, you may be troubled by voltage complaints or power failure.
    In the case of voltage complaints, there is either too high or too low a voltage, or there are voltage fluctuations. You will notice that there are voltage fluctuations, because, for example, your lamps will start blinking and in the worst case because your equipment will burn out.

    Power failure will arise as the consequence of a failure in the production or in the distribution system.
    A failure in the distribution system may be caused by a break in a cable. A break in a cable can result in a power failure in a street, a neighborhood or even several neighborhoods. Such a break in a cable can have several causes. Thus, a contractor could, for example, inadvertently affect a pipe during excavation work. We try to avoid this by continuously pointing out to the contractors the guidelines for excavation work that Aqualectra has drawn up. In the event of a break in a cable, an over-current protection sees to it that part of the distribution system is automatically switched off.
    Every week the Technical Department carries out inspections at the substations in order to prevent power failures and voltage fluctuations as much as possible

    Switching program
    If there is insufficient capacity, due to a failure, to provide all the areas of the island with electricity, Aqualectra will proceed to applying the switching program.
    During business hours, industrial and commercial areas are given priority. In the evening hours, however, the residential areas take priority over industrial and commercial areas.
    Aqualectra informs the population in the event of big failures that last longer as much as possible via newspapers and notably via radio stations, so that the public can take the switching on and off in their neighborhood somewhat into account.

    Water failure
    Aqualectra supplies water of a very high quality and aims at a continuous supply of water to our customers. Still, it can happen that a customer is troubled at home or in his neighborhood by a failure in the water supply.
    It can happen that you get brown water, that the pressure is low or high, and sometimes you do not get any water at all. It can also happen that you have a high water consumption and you do not know the cause

    Brown water
    You may get brown water temporarily, when Aqualectra is busy remedying a failure in your neighborhood or busy carrying out reconstruction work. In those cases, there is a possibility that, during work, earth gets dissolved in the water, which can temporarily cause brown water. Sometimes, too, when Aqualectra is remedying a failure or when carrying out reconstruction work, the direction of the water flow has to be changed in order to supply a neighborhood with water from another direction. Due to the fact that the water suddenly has to go in the contrary direction, the chalk formation on the inner wall can come loose, which can cause brown water. The same thing happens in the case of an increase or decrease in the water pressure.
    If the Aqualectra trouble-shooting team thinks that the cause of a brown-water complaint is related to a problem of a temporary nature, it will try to solve this by sluicing or washing the pipe. They will then remove the faucet and water meter and allow the water to flow freely during a short period of time until the water is clean again. If it is a structural problem, a reconstruction proposal will be drawn up to replace a certain piece of the pipe.

    Low or high water pressure
    If the water pressure diminishes in your house, it may have several causes. There may a failure in your surroundings (for example, a leakage in a main supply or an obstruction of a service line) or a pump of Aqualectra may have got out of order (parts of the island lying higher up receive water by means of a pump). It can also happen that a water meter gets stuck, on account of which the water cannot flow through adequately.
    You may be troubled by a high water pressure when, for example, your house is fed via a pipe that also feeds customers in a more elevated area.
    In the event of low or high pressure, the meter and the internal piping will be investigated. If the problem cannot be solved at once, Aqualectra will find another possibility to provide the customer with water, for example via another pipe.

    No water
    If suddenly you are not getting any water at home any more, it may be that close to your house there is a failure, for example an obstruction in a pipe or a pump breaking down. Sometimes Aqualectra temporarily disconnects the water supply in your neighborhood in order to carry out work to solve a failure. In such a case, Aqualectra’s trouble-shooting service will investigate where there is a failure or a leakage. In the event of structural problems, we carry out a thorough investigation on the neighborhood pipe. If necessary, the necessary measures are then taken or a reconstruction plan is drawn up to remedy the situation.

    High water consumption
    A high consumption of water may be caused by, for example, a leakage in your internal piping, a running toilet or high water pressure. Thus, it may happen that gallons of water flow away unnoticed. 

    A failure in your house
    What can you do if there is a failure in your house?
    You can report the failure, both power failure and voltage complaints and all types of water complaints 24 hours a day at the Complaints Department: Telephone 0800-0135 .

    Our employee in the Complaints Department in that case will note your address data. In the event of a power failure or a water failure, the employee of the Complaints Department will consider whether it is a case of disconnection due to non-payment or that the failure is due to interruptions, whether or not planned, in the water or electricity supply due to maintenance work. If this is the case, the employee of the Complaints Department will inform you of the cause of the failure and when the water or electricity supply will function normally again. If not, our Trouble-Shooting Service will go and have a look at the failure and possibly solve it. If the Trouble-Shooting Service is not able to remedy the failure, another work party will be sent to remedy the failure as soon as possible.

    During business hours, you can also apply to the PR Department with your questions and/or complaints via telephone number 462-5968.

    Measuring in the case of voltage complaints
    In the event of voltage complaints, the employee of the Complaints Department will pass on this complaint to the Trouble-Shooting Service, which can perform a measurement on the spot. The Complaints Department can also pass on the voltage complaint to the department that monitors the voltage quality of our electricity grid. Employees of this department will contact you in order to carry out an extensive (24-hour) measurement. If the voltage complaints cannot be solved within six months, a regulable voltage transformer will be temporarily used. By making use of a regulable voltage transformer, the problem can be solved for the customer. When the actual cause has been remedied, the regulable voltage transformer will be removed.
    If the voltage complaints have led to the equipment of the customer suffering damage, the customer can submit a claim for damages.
    What can you do in the case of high water consumption?
    As soon as you notice that you have an inexplicably high water consumption, we recommend that you contact us via our information numbers (tel. 463-2328 or 463-2329) or that you drop by personally at the Information Desk of one of our service centers to report this. Our Technical Department will then investigate the high consumption to find the cause and to limit the damage as much as possible in the future.

    Aqualectra will, for that matter, also take action, if we notice that you, in comparison with your normal consumption, suddenly have a high consumption. An employee of Aqualectra will then visit you to investigate the cause of the high consumption and point out the high consumption of water to you.
    We would like to point out to you that you yourself are responsible for your internal piping. Aqualectra’s responsibility ends at the water meter. We recommend that you continue inspecting the quality of your internal piping and materials used, so that you won’t have any leakages.