Water interrupitons

Water interruptions
Our objective is consistent water quality and availability. We work to minimize water interruption, brown water, and low/high pressure fluctuations.

Brown water
Brown water occurs when earth, rust or chalk is present in the water.  You may see brown water if we are working on the line, change pressure in the line, or reverse the flow of water.  If our trouble-shooting team determines brown water is related to a temporary problem, we will resolve by sluicing or washing the pipe, removing the faucet and meter to allow water to flow freely for a short period of time.  If the problem is structural, a pipe replacement/reconstruction plan will be proposed. If brown water runs from your tap, use household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, boiling kettles, showers, whirlpool baths etc.) only when necessary. Using brown water to wash clothes could result in undesirable discoloration.

Low/high water pressure
Low water pressure can result from water main leaks, an obstruction in a service line, a malfunctioning pump, or malfunctioning water meter.  High water pressure can be caused by an elevation-related circumstance: your facility is fed via piping that also delivers water to customers at higher elevations.  Low or high pressure problems will begin with an investigation of the meter and internal piping. If the problem cannot be immediately resolved, Aqualectra will work to provide you with another source of water.

No water
Sudden loss of water can result from pipe obstructions and pump break-downs. Aqualectra will investigate the location and cause of the interruption.  In the event of a structural problem, a thorough investigation of the neighbourhood distribution system will be done, and if necessary, reconstruction plans will be proposed to remedy the situation.

High water consumption
High water consumption can be caused by leaks in your internal piping, a running toilet, or high water pressure, resulting in the waste of significant amounts of water.  As soon as you notice inexplicably high water consumption, call us at 463-2328 or463-2329 or come to one of our Service Centers. Our Technical Department will begin an investigation to determine the cause. We will proactively contact you if we notice high consumption. An Aqualectra employee will visit you to learn the cause and recommend solutions.  You are responsible for your internal piping; Aqualectra’s responsibility ends at the water meter. Please keep your internal piping in good condition to prevent leakage and water loss.