Your water and electricity consumption

Your utility bill details monthly water and power use and amount owed. Knowing how water and electricity is measured and billed will help you learn what you can do to save.

Rate system
Aqualectra bills at residential, business, and industrial rates. For residential customers, progressive rates are applied: the higher the consumption of water and electricity, the higher the rate. For business and industrial customers (commercial, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, etc.) rates are not progressive: there is a single rate for power and a single rate for water.
Rates have a fixed portion and a variable portion. The variable portion is related to the price of oil: fluctuations in oil price periodically trigger rate changes controlled by the Economic Affairs Service.

Our rate is composed of a fixed part and a variable part. The variable part is related to the oil price. Fluctuations in the oil price periodically lead to changes in the rates that are controlled by the Economic Affairs Service.

From the meter to your bill
Customers are billed for their water and power consumption.  Aqualectra utilizes contractors to read meters each month.  Please allow the reader clear access to your meter: they are more efficient reading their routes when access issues are limited.  If your meter is not at the plot line, readers have to enter your premises to take the reading. The meter reader will identify himself with an Aqualectra ID card.

Sometimes we have to estimate your use
If the meter reader is not able to take your meter-reading (locked gate, severe weather, not home, etc.) we estimate use for the month based on average historical usage at your address. At the bottom of your bill under specification, you can see whether you were billed based on actual usage (C.U. = cumulative usage) or estimated usage (E.U. = estimated usage).  The next time we read your meter, we will determine your actual energy use and reconcile your bill accordingly.

Preventing problems
Aqualectra regularly checks deviations between current consumption and average consumption.  In case of a discrepancy, we take a second meter reading to check for possible errors. We can also investigate causes of unusually high consumption of water or electricity: employees can screen for leaks and other problems and advise corrective action.
Processing and delivering your bill
Meter readings are processed in our user information system which calculates amounts owed for water and power based on current rates. Bills are distributed by the Postal Service.

Payment options

We offer convenient payment options.

  • Pay by cash or check at the cash desk of an Aqualectra Service Center. Please bring your bill when coming to make payment.
  • Pay by debit card from all banks and Kompa Leon credit card (MCB, RBTT, Banco di Caribe) at the cash desk of an Aqualectra Service Center.
  • Pay by cash at local banks (even if you do not have an account at the bank). Please bring your bill when coming to make payment.  After payment, you will receive the bottom portion of the bill.
  • By Giro. If you have a bank account, you can pay three different ways:
    • Single-time transfer. On your Aqualectra bill, complete the line with your bank account number and signature. After payment, you will receive the bottom portion of your bill.
    • Automatic transfer.  You can authorize your bank to pay your Aqualectra bill monthly. Complete a form at Aqualectra authorizing RBTT and MCB to pay your bill; we will ensure delivery to your bank. Your Aqualectra bill will still come to your mailing address.
    • Bank card. At a number of banks, it is possible to make payments using your bank card.

Online banking with all banks available (via the internet):

Payment is also possible at several other locations with the Pagafasil and the Pagomatiko systems.

Click on the system underneath for a list of several payment locations:

Contact us during regular business hours at 463-2328 or 463-2329. Please call if:

  • you want to know when your meter will be read
  • your metered amount has been estimated (please provide your current readings when you call)
  • you have not received your bill
  • you have questions related to usage or rates.
  • new connection

 Click  here to download the folder of your bill.