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A customer sustaining property damage as a result of water or power supply issues may request restitution if the fault lies with Aqualectra. Damage to equipment due to problems with voltage or a power interruption, or to clothing as a consequence of brown water are examples of property damage.

Submitting a claim for damages

Customers can submit claims for damages to Aqualectra. An independent expert of damage will attend your claim to determine the cause and size of the damage. Within 4 weeks after an investigation you will get an answer regarding the status of your claim and that you will receive a compensation for your damage or not.

The damage claim form is available at all service centers, the PR Department, and on our website. The PR Department can also deliver the form via mail or fax. Please submit the completed form at one of the Aqualectra Information Desks or the PR Department. It is important that you clearly state date and time of the interruption that caused the damage. It is also important that you list the telephone number where you can be reached during business hours. Incorrect or incomplete filled forms will not be processed. After submitting the form, you will receive a signed copy of the claim form as evidence.

Settling a claim for damages

After submitting the form an independent expert of damage will attend your claim.


If you have questions about submitting a claim form or the status of a submitted claim form, you can call the Communication Department at 462-5968 or contact us via the contact form.