Company profile

Aqualectra is Curacao's utility company responsible for the production and distribution of power and water as well as the delivery of accompanying services. We service approximately 69,000 households and companies through 130,000 electric and water meters. Aqualectra’s workforce includes 700 dedicated workers who provide the framework for the delivery of quality products and services to our customers.

The task of deploying the company policies and strategies is entrusted to the following business units, namely:
1. Customer relations
2. Production
3. Distribution
4. Finance & IA/BRC
5. ICT
6. Corporate Strategy & Business Development ("CS & BD")
7. Communication
8. General Affairs
9. HR & Facilities Management

To have an overview of Aqualectra’s management structure you can review the Organizational Chart. 

1. Customer Relations
The customer relations unit performs three main operational activities, namely:
1. Customer care and handle all requests that have to do with the connection of water and electricity;
2. Invoice water and electricity usage, the prepaid sales of electricity and revenue protection on all meter connections;
3. The collection reconciliation, management and control of the accounts receivable.

2. Production
The Production unit is responsible for the production of drinking water and electric energy. Drinking water is produced by seawater desalination processes of evaporation or reverse osmosis and is produced by plants located at Mundo Nobo and Sta. Barbara. 
Electric energy is produced by steam and gas turbines at Mundo Nobo, diesel units at Dokweg and ISLA, and also a small portion of energy is produced via wind mills located at Tera Kora and Playa Kanoa. The produced water and electricity is supplied to Aqualectra Distribution, which in turn supplies our customers.

In order to achieve the various goals, maintenance departments such as Mechanical Maintenance & Civil and Building, Instrumentation and Electrical have to execute the planned maintenance according to the planning to achieve the availabilities as projected per unit. The supporting departments such as Plant bureau and the Laboratory have to perform their supporting duties in order for the operation and maintenance to be optimized. The Production departments have to operate the units as set fourth in the Production plan to achieve the targets for reliability, utilization, quality and efficiency.

For an extensive description of our production plants please review the Aqualectra Production document.    

3. Distribution

AQUALECTRA Distribution sees to it that all households and companies on Curacao are supplied with water and electricity. 
The Distribution unit is responsible for the setup and maintenance of an effective Water and Electrical distribution grid with a guaranteed reliability rate, meeting international standards. The Electrical, Water, Engineering, Procurement and Business Improvement Engineering departments each contribute to meet this responsibility.

For an extensive description of our distribution system please review the Aqualectra Distribution document. 

4. Finance & IA/BRC
The Finance units of Aqualectra Production and Distribution are responsible for providing financial economical management information-both internal and external- to the Board of Directors and line organization, giving policy advice, evaluating and justifying the annual reports, manage storage and evaluating the financial progress of the business plan on the long-term.

5. ICT
The objective of the ICT department is to deliver high quality ICT services to the Aqualectra organization. The systems should support the business processes and enable the company to work more efficiently. The general objectives of the ICT unit are:

The unit aims at achieving the above by:

  • Compiling year reports and external reports; 
  • Analyzing efficiency of expenditures and controlling expenditures; 
  • Managing cash; 
  • Managing payroll; 
  • Managing the warehouse. 

The unit Business Risk Control and Internal Auditing (BRC&IA) is responsible for assisting the board of directors in achieving its overall objectives and performance by providing additional assurance in relation to:

  • The reliability and integrity of information; 
  • The compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws, regulations and contracts; 
  • Safeguarding assets; 
  • The economical and efficient use of resources; 
  • The accomplishment of established objectives and goals for operations or programs. 


  • Support management- and customer processes as well as supporting the strategic and transformational activities of the Company; 
  • Provide an optimal availability, reliability and utilization of the entire ICT infrastructure; 
  • Provide standardized and compatible ICT infrastructure as well as the applicable systems for all the working companies of Aqualectra; 
  • Manage, control and account for all ICT investments as well as the operations of the ICT infrastructures and systems. 

ICT department aims at achieving the above by exclusively concentrating its operations on the following technical issues, namely:

  • Network support; 
  • System administrator & Database administrator; 
  • Workstation support; 
  • Development. 

And non-technical issues such as:

  • ICT helpdesk; 
  • Applications management (logistic application); 
  • Project Management. 

6. Corporate Strategy & Business Development 
The objective of CS & BD is to support the companies operating under the Aqualectra Business name in preparing, managing and assisting in the execution and implementation, of strategic policy making of the organization in relation to the corporate strategic planning and also in optimization of operations in the companies. 

The youngest of Aqualectra’s operating companies, Aqualectra Multi Utility (AMU) was established in 2001 to work with customers to optimize and manage water and power cost/supply issues.

The objective of this unit can be divided in the following three areas of attention:

  •  To keep the market share and win back customers that produce, their own electricity and water.  Furthermore to promote good relation with mayor clients. 
  •  To stimulate the development of new activities and therefore add value by introducing new products for Aqualectra. 
  •  Stimulate economic development by focusing on a realization of a beneficial business environment on the island. This eventually leading to more revenues through increased demand. 

CS & BD & Aqualectra Multi Utility report Quarterly to Senior Management, and when ever necessary more often.

7. Communication
The general objective of corporate communications is to support the development of the desired corporate identity aligned with desired corporate image, by:

  • Advising Senior management on planning and execution of PR- and communications activities; 
  • Supporting operational management with PR- and communications activities. 

The scope of work of corporate communications is as follows:

  • Execute internal communications activities, like organizing information sessions and composing the quarterly news magazine ‘Energia’; 
  • Organizing personnel activities, like New Year’s celebration and jubilee’s reception; 
  • Executing external communication activities, like having information sessions with external stakeholders, updating corporate website, press-related activities; 
  • Handling complaints for the entire Aqualectra organization. 

8. General Affairs
Aqualectra’s General Affairs is committed to quality, health and safety, the environment, security, and emergency management within Aqualectra.

Activities of this unit include:

  • Reinforcing the customer-centric focus within Aqualectra, and involving personnel in continual process improvement using EFQM and ISO concepts and standards;  
  • Achieving excellent health and safety standards within the company and disseminating information on our health and safety performance; 
  • Protecting Aqualectra and our employees from unauthorized influence and illegal activity (unauthorized entry, intimidation, theft, sabotage, arson, espionage, vandalism and property destruction).  We take the job of protecting our people and our assets seriously; 
  • Turning Aqualectra into a “disaster-resistant company:” Working to reduce risk to Aqualectra employees and property from hazards and to develop efficient and; 
  • Effective measures to address disaster response and recovery. 

9. HR and Facilities Management
The Human Resources Management (HRM) unit is responsible for creating and maintaining the HR-framework and conditions that are necessary to realize the organizational goals.

HRM aims at achieving the above by:

  • Developing and implementing HR-policies and tools that support the realization of the organizational goals; 
  • Guiding and supporting line management in application of those policies and the HR-tools; 
  • Providing relevant HR-information (management information and indicators) for management; 
  • Developing the skills, knowledge and attitude needed by the staff to optimize their performance; 
  • Creating conditions for a healthy and safe work environment; 
  • Developing attractive labor conditions and maintaining good industrial relations; 
  • Stimulating a performance driven and service minded culture with a high level of integrity. 

The general objectives of the HRM unit are:

  • Further development (and implementation) of: 
    • An integrated and strategic HRM; 
    •  A pro-active and high quality policy and operational support; 
    •  Service oriented attitude; 
  • Increase the HR-awareness/consciousness of line management; 
  • Continuous development of knowledge, skills and attitude of the human capital (learning organization). 

The Facility Management (FAM) unit is responsible for management of records and information, maintenance of physical facilities including related services, transport services and secretarial and office services.

The Facility Management unit achieves the above by:

  • Facilitating management in their (daily) management tasks with regard to secretarial support and office services; 
  • Advising and facilitating line management in their (daily) management tasks with regard to records and information management; 
  • Managing civil physical facilities (office spaces, branches, sports facilities, parking lots) for Aqualectra; 
  • Managing Aqualectra’s vehicle fleet.