About Aqualectra

Aqualectra Management

Aqualectra is a water and power company focused on quality, reliability, and efficiency, and is committed to company performance, corporate responsibility, and environmental sustainability.  We recognize the need for a rigorous and dynamic management framework that provides immediate feedback to measure performance against goals.

How is Aqualectra managed?
Aqualectra uses the EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model of excellence for its Planning and Control.


The EFQM Excellence Model, a non-prescriptive framework based on nine criteria, assesses an organization’s progress toward excellence. The model recognizes there are many approaches to achieving sustainable excellence in aspects of performance. The model is based on the premise that “Excellent results with respect to Performance, Customers, People and Society are achieved through Leadership driving Policy and Strategy, that is delivered through People, Partnerships and Resources and Processes.

What are our core values?

We recognize the need to show our customers that we care for them and that we value their business. We will continuously improve our communications with them to ensure that best practices of service is been delivered.

We will seek to improve the availability, reliability as well as an effective and efficient utilization of the different production and distribution assets.

We are committed to excellence. We continuously improve our processes, products, and services to better serve our customers.

We are strongly committed to be our ‘stakeholders’ reliable partner in business.

We are honest and ethical in all that we do. We deliver on our commitments, and we are accountable for our performance.

What are our corporate objectives?

Quality of the supply Electra:
– Applied voltage level for all customers in accordance with the general terms of agreement;
– Applied frequency idem;
Quality of the supply water:
– Applied health and non-health for all customers in accordance with the general terms of agreement;
Reliability of the supply Electra:
– Maximum amount of interruptions per average Customer of 6 hours per year; To be realized as of 2015;
Reliability of the supply Water:
– Non compliance of supply as a consequence of system failures in accordance with applied standard; To be realized as of 2015;
Less environmental burden Electra:
– Environmental burden in accordance with the law;
– Decreasing trend p/y of all emissions;
Less environmental burden Water:
– Environmental burden in accordance with the law;
– Decreasing trend p/y of all emissions;
Least cost option Electra:
– Lowest cost possible:
– Verifiable on benchmarked data.
Lease cost option Water:
– Lowest cost possible;
– Verifiable on benchmarked data.

What is our vision?

An excellent supply of water and electricity, accompanied by excellent service, in order to contribute in a proactive manner to the socio-economic development of Curaçao.

Aqualectra’s slogan therefore is: Water you can trust and power you can rely on.

What is our mission?

We guarantee our clients that as of the year 2015, the supply of water and electricity to our community will be of a quality and reliability that are recognized on an international scale, whilst at the same time we maintain tariffs at a competitive level.

We will be innovative in introducing additional products and alternative forms of generating and saving energy. Our human capital will be constantly developing and will have the satisfaction of providing an excellent contribution. In order to achieve this, efficiency, effectiveness, and a guarantee of profitability will characterize our functioning.

What are the basic principles of our policy?

  1. Every household of Curacao must be able to be connected to the water and electricity distribution grid of Aqualectra;
  2. Our policy must sustain the social economic development of the community of Curacao;
  3. Every customer must pay for the supply as well for the service received;
  4. The supply of water and electricity must be accompanied with an acceptable level of service.