AQUALECTRA GIS receives award

Monday, July 11, 2016

Aqualectra’s GIS (Geographical Information System) project received the ESRI Inc. recognition in the form of a Special Achievement in GIS Award. ISRI Inc. (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is situated in Redlands, California.

Every year, ERSI Inc. honors clients who have made a valuable contribution toward the development of the GIS technology, and being, through this, an example for other clients. This year, Aqualectra’s GIS project received this prestigious award. The representative of ESRI Inc., Mr. Eric Sussenbach (GIS4C, Curaçao) indicated that Aqualectra received this award because of the strategy applied for the use of the GIS throughout the company, the way this is done, the technology used for the project and also for the enormous effort made to compile the information of the water distribution network. The ambition to start using the GPS (Global Positioning System) and the GIS mobile also played a role. Mr. Statia, Mr. Corsen and Mrs. Dowling are very proud of the GIS team, which managed to obtain this award. Using the GIS brings about many challenges and various routes are followed simultaneously in order to implement the use of the GIS. The technology is developing continuously, people have to work together and the work is time consuming. Mr. Statia’s words: “This is not easy, but in the end we must reach our goals. This award means that others think that we are doing a good job and I agree to that”.