Many fines have been issued during Aqualectra’s actions againts irregularities

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Willemstad/ January 16, 2024 – Following the dispensation period of 2 months, which ended on October 31st, the inspection team initiated its firm actions against irregularities that are found in the distribution network of Aqualectra as well as actions against illegal use of water and/or electricity. As of November 1st 2023 up till now, more than 308 businesses, stores and residences have been inspected of which 6 commercial businesses and 54 residences have been fined. Fines related to irregularities can run up to 20.000 guilders. The highest fines that have been issued during this period were the fines of 15.000 guilders for a business located at the Rooseveltweg and one located in Santa Rosa.

Much loss and additional expenses are caused by third parties who illegally remove or manipulate parts of the distribution network and others who take advantage of these irregularities to avoid fulfilling their obligations as a client. In the meantime, the community bears the costs. Furthermore, illegally changing and manipulating the network means a breach of the reliability of the water and electricity distribution system.

In order to counter this, the inspection team continues its efforts to detect and stop irregularities in our water and electricity distribution network. The inspection team consists of Aqualectra, the Police department and the Public Prosecution Service. If in case they detect irregularities at a residency, a business or any other location, the home owner or business owner can count on severe fines that can run up to 20.000 guilders, in addition to costs related to corrective work that will need to be done on the installation, possible reporting to the authorities and publication in the media about the results of the actions taken. These persons also need to take into account that, in addition to receiving a fine, they will also have to pay the unregistered usage of water and or electricity related to the period of time during which the irregularities were taking place and any other existing old debt.